Beneath a structured civilization lies a hidden world that we call: “Und3rWorld”

A world where free individuals are infected with unrestrained musical creativity.
No boundries, No restrictions.

Follow the clues to seek this unique underground location where you’ll find 3 area’s to release your inner souls.

Contamination: Early – Millennium – Hardcore:
The Incredible Badass, The Silentist, DJ Profiler, Buddy Orange, DJ Amisha, Hosted by PFSquad MC

Quarantine: Techno – Dark Techno – Hard Techno:
D-Rail Dj JVT78, Cor Zegveld, HPH aka Hawaii Pizza Haters, digital blood

Experiment: Drum ‘N Bass – Crossbreed – Industrial
Bomb Voyage, Madster, DJ Freeze, Cell-X, Rawraver

Voorverkoop: €10,- (ex fee)
Deurverkoop: €14